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Are you getting blasted with overdraft fees from your bank!! You overdraw one time and they hit you with a $35 fee??? It seems absolutely ridiculous that they can get away with this. The major banks are making millions off the fact that their customers are struggling yet the clients are the criminals that are being placed on ChexSystems. There is one simple solution to banking without overdraft fees- don’t use a bank! Prepaid debit cards are the easiest way to manage your money. With AccountNow you can have a prepaid credit card, online banking and online bill pay. It is essentially the same thing as having a debit card, but you cannot overdraw your account! Get your direct deposit switched in to a service fee free account and wait and see how much money you will save from service fees alone! Also, you will not have to go in to the bank and beg the manager to refund your money like you are some lowlife who can’t manage his checking account! Don’t leave it up to the bank to decide if you will be able to pay your bills by refunding fees, just skip the fees all together! The banks claim that they all have overdraft protection, but in reality the only way to do banking without overdraft fees is to skip the bank all together! Check out AccountNow today.
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Dear Sirs,

I left my checking account overdrawn for a few weeks. I went to straighten things out with the bank and they told me my account was closed and they reported me to Chex Systems. I had never heard of Chex Systems. Chex Systems it seems is a credit reporting agency and a collection agency in one. Banks report unfortunate consumers like myself that have made some type of banking error. Now I have bad credit and can’t open a checking account. Chex Systems.