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Dear Sirs,
I left my checking account overdrawn for a few weeks. I went to straighten things out with the bank and they told me my account was closed and they reported me to ChexSystem. I had never heard of ChexSystem. ChexSystem it seems is a credit reporting agency and a collection agency in one. Now I have bad credit and can't open a checking account. I contacted ChexSystem by telephone, ChexSystem requested I send them a letter and explain the circumstance and provide my personal information. Meanwhile I had to cash my paychecks at a check cashing place and use money orders. I eventually got a copy of my report and sent a reply that I had already paid the amount that was owed to my bank and would ChexSystem please remove the listing. I was horrified that they wouldn't. I was later shocked that my bank would not re-open my checking account because of the ChexSystem listing even though it was a small amount and it was paid off!. I went on the Internet to find a non ChexSystem bank. I found a place and paid for a list of Non ChexSystem banks, after waiting for the list I found the banks used a company called telecheck and I couldn't open an account with them as I had bounced a few checks during the divorce. I got a debit card through a bank that does not use chexsystem so I could get my payroll check direct deposited. They approved me online and opened a non chexsystem bank account for me! I access it to pay my bills online, even my phone, electric, cable and gas bills. It has been accepted everywhere I shop. My landlord set up an ACH debit so I don't have to write him a check! It was truly an answer to prayers! I now have my free time back, peace of mind, and more money in my non chexsystem bank account! Now do you have any solutions for dealing with my ex-wife?
Thank you! Norman N. Chicago , Illinois


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